ZCast 2.0

Mobile podcasting, now with recording and landing pages

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Hi Product Hunters! Thanks for checking us out! On behalf of the ZCast team, we're so pleased to launch version 2.0 of our app here on Product Hunt. This version features recording, landing pages, meta-data, improved search, improved playback, and more. Check out our blog for more details: http://bit.ly/2cwKEir It really has been quite a ride for the team. There have been many ups and downs that led to this point. More on that here: http://bit.ly/2cwLgV4 Thank you for your continued support, and please don't hesitate asking us any question that comes to mind. Feel free to give us feedback on the product here: support@zcast.co
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@hilzfuld This is great man πŸ‘. Since I've been following your snaps and our short meeting in Tel Aviv, I've been curious to see what the next version of @zcast would look like. Congrats on the successful launch, looking forward to exploring what the new features can do!
@hilzfuld @zcast very cool. Looking forward to checking it out
@adammarx13 Awesome! Let us know your thoughts!
@johnkoetsier Thank you so much!
The legendary @hilzfuld is launching ZCast 2.0 today! Lot's of updates and new features! https://techcrunch.com/2016/09/0...
@bramk Thank you Bram! You're the legendary one here!
@bramk You're so good to us, Bram- thank you VERY much!
Hi everyone! Thank you so much for the love! Our team worked really hard through many trials and tribulations to make 2.0 happen. Your support really means a LOT. Feel free to play around with ZCast, and gently let us know your thoughts. :-) We really take every request into consideration, heck, this update is based on the top requests from our users. Thanks again! <3
Happy to see this hunt. @hilzfuld what makes this version different?
@yoavvilner This version is the golden version where we finally unleashed recording (the #1 request from users,) landing pages, meta data for visibility, and more. We're stoked to release an update that is full of the top user requests. More info on our blog: https://about.zcast.co/blog/what... Thanks for your support!
Great article on this new version of ZCast by Paul Sawers of Venturebeat -> "ZCast wants to be the defacto mobile podcasting app for creators and consumers" http://bit.ly/2cgDn8S