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Hello Hunters, We've been working toward this day for the better part of a year and super excited it's here. Podcasting has been something I've personally wanted to leverage for the past five years but every time I tried and started podcasting, I quickly stopped because it was just too difficult. Studio, equipment, the need to be in the same place at at the same time. That's how ZCast (http://ZCast.co) was born. We used existing Zula tech to enable anyone to podcast from their iPhone or our web app! Literally a ten second process. Define the topic, invite your co hosts, and go live! Then watch the magic happen. Your hosts' collective followers can jump in, listen, "like", comment and interact!! That's it. You are podcasting with friends. So excited to see what the Product Hunt community thinks. Thank you to the PH team for building this platform. Team Zula spends hours here daily and we are honored to be here! I am hillel@zulaapp.com if you have any questions or comments you want to send me privately. @Hilzfuld on the Twitter :)
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@hilzfuld @zulaapp stoked for this, finally I can see myself podcasting, looking forward to using it! Great job!
@thepaulcurran @zulaapp Thank you much, sir!
@hilzfuld πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»
@hilzfuld @zulaapp super interesting! We just announced that we'll be recording future episodes of https://thepitch.fm LIVE on @shaanvp's http://blab.im is there any way I can broadcast a pre-recorded episode on ZCast on the day we first publish? My preferred use case for this would be to broadcast the final edited version on ZCast so we can interact with listeners on the day we publish to our existing RSS feed. It'd be a great way to interact with superfans of our show. We find that most people use podcasts as a DVR on their phone. So people don't typically want to listen in live, UNLESS they are a superfan. And we've been looking for more ways to interact with our most dedicated listeners. Anyways, good luck team! I wish you the best and hopefully we can work together.
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@hilzfuld Can't wait to try it. I launched my first Podcast last year and had to learn everything from the ground up. Would have been great to use this product then. Look forward to trying this out and using it for a couple different shows. No friction, no problems! @zulaapp
I think the most interesting thing about it, is that it makes people feel more comfortable when talking to an audience (as opposed to video casts..) this way you can be in your underwear under a blanket and talk technology, tell stories etc.. I really believe that this fact will make more people comfortable when talking to strangers. It looks beautiful and promising, I just subscribed to a few Zcasts. Good luck Zcast team!
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@yoavush Thank you sir. You nailed it!
@bentossell @hilzfuld hehe. and also imagine the crowd is naked, always helps!
@yoavush we totally agree with you and this was one of the main reasons we chose to focus on audio only. We think that when people have something important to say, video can get in your way! This is why podcasts are so cool to listen to. It is also amazing to learn that people are consuming more than 24hrs of online content per day! because they are multitasking. And audio is the perfect way to multitask. I think you just gave me an idea of the best giveaway for our loyal users: ZCast Onesies so you can ZCast comfortably... 😎
Hi everyone! My name is Farhana, and I am the Director of Communications of Zula. We all had quite a lotta sleepless nights as we worked on ZCast. I'd say it was all well worth it. We're pleased with this first version of ZCast, and can't wait to hear your thoughts!
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@farhanarahman congratulations :)
@farhanarahman Great day, Farhana!
@farhanarahman hi there, really like the platform! Is there a way to record these and export them after the fact?
Very cool new app by @hilzfuld! ZCast is a new way to podcast, simply choose a topic and you’re ready to broadcast. Or if you prefer, you can schedule a cast for a later date. You can even invite people from your Twitter network to cast with you, and group-cast to your collective followers.
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@bramk Thank you Bram!!!
surprising that this was the first real app to make it easy to start an online radio show. will be interesting to see what content this platform attracts
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@madcapslaugh I know, right? Many of our beta users messaged me saying that they are surprised something like this wasn't created before.
@farhanarahman @madcapslaugh Well there is Spreaker which allows for live audio broadcasts, but this looks great. Nice work!