A more meaningful way to fulfill charitable obligations.

Zakatify provides an easier and more meaningful way for Muslims to fulfill their charitable obligations. Users can discover nearly 1,500 zakat-eligible charities in the US, create a personalized portfolio of favorite charities, set an annual zakat goal and allow automatic distribution of funds, or donate immediately to the causes they care about.

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Hey @samanullah, Can you tell us more about this app? What aspect are you most proud of?
@jacqvon There is a massive amount of charitable giving that Muslims are obligated to give, but the system has not been modernized at all. By increasing choice and improving accessibility, we are seeking to expand the pie of charity from Muslims and help it be directed to causes that benefit all of humanity.
@samanullah This is an excellent idea. Good luck implementing this.
@ebrahimkhalil thanks! it's a complicated space with lots of strong opinions, hoping to make a place for everyone
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