For the first time ever you can assemble your own remote development center in a minute. Choose the team setup, select matching devs out of our exclusive talent pool, and schedule calls. No compromise on quality or budget. NOW THAT’S WHAT WE CALL OUTSOURCING!
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It’s been 2 years since our first launch on Product Hunt. Since then, we’ve been working hard on developing and improving our product - YouTeam, a platform for building remote development teams. Despite a growing number of software development agencies and freelance platforms offering their services, finding a development team which matches one’s requirements still remains an extremely stressful, time-consuming and risky endeavour. That’s why our goal was to build a solution allowing startups to save months of time and many thousand dollars of their runway through bypassing the entire recruitment curve. Dozens of sprints, meetings and discussions, and here we are - delighted to introduce you to YouTeam 2.0, Offshore Dev Team Builder. So how does it work? First, you complete a short wizard describing your project: its type, technologies needed, monthly budget you plan on, and the roles your team requires. Here you also get an option to choose the preferred setup: you can hire a team co-located at one of our certified development offices and managed by an experienced PM OR you can select individual developers and combine them into a team. Having defined your requirements, you get access to the Team Builder, where you can browse through the exclusive talent pool of software developers, review them and highlight the best matches by adding them to your Candidates Room. Here is what makes YouTeam 2.0 different: 1. All developers are thoroughly vetted through HackerRank; 2. The team will be co-located at one of our certified development offices, with a dedicated PM who will make sure all trains come on time; 3. Most importantly: WE HACKED THE RECRUITING PIPELINE - so all our engineers are available to start from Monday; 4. And finally, we offer a 2-week satisfaction guarantee for the entire length of the cooperation. IOW: you're not happy with the devs performance - you get your money back, no questions asked. Let me know what you think by joining the discussion below.
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Great idea with HackerRank and Team Builder. You can find developers that you need with different options. My greetings @yurij_riphyak and YouTeam 2.0 !
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@dmytro_dvurechenskyi1 Thanks man! The thing is, if you're looking to build a team - you're in a different market than all the freelance portals serve. The key is you want your team co-located and managed - which is impossible to get at UpWork etc.
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Love YouTeam's UX! It's now even easier and faster to pick the right devs for your team.
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@daniil_kopilevych Thank you! The main challenge was to find an intuitive UX for building a whole team. We couldn't find any product examples to benchmark - so had to build from fundamentals. Took me over 50 customer interviews to find the clue :).
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Hey folks! YouTeam 2.0 is a result of the hard work of our amazing team, including @yurij_riphyak, @quser and @anton_mishchenko and a few more talented people. Same as it was 2 years ago when we launched on Product Hunt for the very first, we continue bringing the outsourcing industry to a brand new level. We want you to hire high-quality engineers no matter where they are, and we want you to be able to build teams of experienced and vetted engineers right on the platform, in a matter of minutes! Please check our Team dashboard and let us know what you think.
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YouTeam reminds me of the concept of building an Alliance between a company and employees by Reid Hoffman. In short, companies don't "own" employees anymore, they are building cooperation based on shared goals and values. While freedom, remote work, and the will to try yourself in many different projects rises, YouTeam has all chances to lead this wave.
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@pavlo_kuznetsov Ah, loving this man! I do hope products like YouTeam will indeed help employees to get more control over their careers and allow them to provide additional value for their companies. This may result in a more balanced, level workplace.
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