Your Growth Hacks Aren't Working

Free new book by Steli Efti on B2B customer acquisition

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Nobody loves cold calling, but the simple truth is: it can be a great customer acquisition channel for early-stage startups. Here's the blueprint for making it work!
@_jacksmith 🔥 Thanks, Jack!
@_jacksmith Thanks for sharing!
Solid. Absolutely solid.
We've been using in addition to a lot of strategies explained in this book. I highly recommend this read, especially for any new SDRs. Great work @steli & team :-)
@rolandal Thanks brotha! You guys have done phenomenal work with scaling your sales team!!!
Great stuff Steli!
Can I just say, I genuinely love that put out an entire 309 page book titled "Your Growth Hacks Aren't Working" and then promoted it on Product Hunt (paid for promotion, not just hunted) which is essentially a 'growth hack'. Prior to this I had never heard of, but I downloaded the book, checked out the site, and shared it with a handful of friends. And the book seems on point so far, skimming through and reading a few sections and the software looks good. As I said, I shared it with friends and now it's on my radar, because of Product Hunt :)
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