Quick conversations with Youper can change your day ;-)

A team of experts led by psychiatrist Dr. Jose Hamilton created Youper with the idea that everyone on the planet can become the best version of themselves.

It uses artificial intelligence to personalize different psychological techniques to fit your needs and help you feel your best.

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28 Reviews5.0/5

This app is such a great tool to have! I will be screaming about it from the rooftops! ”Have you tried Youper?! Well, what are you waiting for?!” Not only is this app great but the team of developers are as well. They are open to suggestions and encourage commincation with their users to make sure their app is the best it can be. Want to know what thinking trap you’re stuck in? Allow Youper to help you. This app not only tracks your mood, but it monitors your depression, anxiety, and social anxiety. It’s so helpful to pull it up during a therapy session and saying well this is what was going on that day.

Highly recommend you download this and use it to it‘s full potential!


Mood tracker, meditation, gratitude journal, Meyers-Briggs Personality test


cant use offline

Thank you, Alaska! Youper has some features that can be used offline, but I also we believe that we could expand. Which feature do think is more important to have offline?

Sometimes, when I feel like I need to understand better my emotions, I use the conversation tool inside the app. In few minutes, it helps me to feel that I have a better understand of the situation and I am in control of my feelings.


Meaningful conversations, the design is beautiful, it has a great content about emotional health


Honestly, the app is awesome.

Fantastic point, Felipe! Accessibility at the right time is important for feeling your best. Keep up the great work!

I've been using Youper for little therapy chats throughout the day. It's been a quick and efficient little helper. The chats are natural and encouraging, and great design and performance make it easier for me to keep coming back. Great work. Keep it up.


Conversations really feel like a therapeutic chat with a friend. I feel better after using it.


Could be easier to review past conversations.

We’re thrilled to hear you are enjoying Youper, Jairet! Thanks for your thoughtful suggestions. We’re adding them to our list of future improvements. ;)

It really can help me, you and everyone that sometimes needs a really good friend to talk truths and also be listened.


Easy to enter and start to use. Great interface, intelligent questions and fluid conversation.


Nothing to say.

Thanks so much for sharing your opinion, Fernando! All the best! :)

I wanted a way to keep track of and monitor my moods, and I also just liked the appeal of "talking to AI". Well the AI bit is a little weak - it's really just conversational fill in the blanks - but I ended up liking the app quite a bit all the same. I appreciate that the iOS app has a pin that is separate from the lockpin on my phone.


Guided journaling, mood tracking, conversational


Somewhat limited questions feel a bit forced sometimes

Hi there Rachel, thanks for your thoughtful suggestions. We’re adding them to our list of future improvements. Your help is making Youper the best it can be. If you’d like to expand on your comments, send us an email at hello@youper.co.

The developer Diego (and his team) is extremely responsive to emails and open to suggestions. His friendly and encouraging attitude is refreshing and so very kind. I am and have been telling many friends about this app. There are numerous benefits gained from being aware of the little things Youper will gently point out - you don't have to be necessarily in a *pickle* to download this. Call it a "Tune-Up for your Head". Call it your "Secret Best Buddy".

Call it Genius.

That's what it is.


Unbelievable useful. As silly as it sounds, I didn't know it was missing until it appeared into my life.


none as of yet.

Very helpful when it comes to self help, it helps you better understand or have an idea of what is going on, love using it, a ton of helpful tests and very easy to use, precise results ( my therapist told me the same things the app did) and FREE with no ads <3 what can you want more?


Awesome looking app, helpful, fun to use, mood lifting,


Few grammar mistakes but no biggie :D

Great product. Everyday, you have a short talk about your feelings. It helps also with personal development and motivates you to be mindfull and to set some healthy goals for yourself to keep you emotions in check and keep having control over your life. Am looking forward towards the next decade, on what other products A.I. will provide us with. Happy to be here in these exciting times !!!
Not the sarcasm from ai, that's not cool,Sorry, this is helpful and it doesn't have creepy characters or give stupid responses like another app does and it got deleted. I really like that I can see my past moods and if I am more or less depressed or bipolar.