You Got This! Zine: React Edition. By Glitch

A free, 24-page zine about making web apps with React.js

A free, 24-page zine about making web apps with React.js. Learn some of the key concepts, including:

- When to use React

- Essential parts of a React App UI

- What's Routing?

- Understanding Redux

Plus, learn how Suz Hinton, Justin Falcone & Florida Elago got into coding, and find out our top tips from React experts.

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Some of the concepts behind React can be tricky to get your head around. That's why we're excited to release the 2nd edition of You Got This! Zine, which is all about React.js. It complements the React Starter Kit, which we released on Product Hunt just a few months ago (, and it explains all the underlying concepts you need to make web apps with React.
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Looks great, team!
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The first You Got This! Zine was wonderful, and this new React edition is every bit as delightful. I'm new to React and have read about it a bit here and there, but I've never read such a plainly spoken description of what it is, why it's useful, and what it's useful for. It's really well done.

The mix of content is super helpful. I love that it has top devs giving short tips on using React and sharing how they came to be pro devs along with educating the reader about React. These zines have a broader focus, it seems—they're teaching people how to become professional developers, not just React or Node-capable. It's hard to balance the micro and macro in one short zine, but the Glitch team does so beautifully, as was the case with the first zine edition.

Lastly, the illustrations are just so fun, like all of Glitch's graphics. Playful and interesting with this splinter of nostaliga that gouges into you and grows into a beautiful infection of wonderment.



Fun and easy read. And downloadable! The content is varied so that you learn about React and it's practical usefulness from real, top devs.



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This thing is just bangin. I can't say how much I love these zines the @Glitch team is publishing (though I tried in my review above). These zines are smart, plainly spoken, and the tips and "how I came to coding" stories are wonderful. Super inspiring. Thank you for this, @Glitch team! @goodboygraphics as always, you're killing it with your illustrations. So good.
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@barnabybones Thanks Jeremy, I'm glad you're enjoying them and thanks for the thoughtful review. I appreciate you taking the time to write that. And yeah, @goodboygraphics is ridiculously good!
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@goodboygraphics @_gw Happy to do it, Gareth! I get a lot of joy from Glitch's products, so I'm always happy to spread the word 👍 .
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