You Got This! Zine by Glitch

A zine all about making web apps

#4 Product of the DayFebruary 20, 2018

A free, 20-page zine about making web apps with Node.js.

Learn some of the key concepts to create web apps, including:

- How web servers work

- The anatomy of a web app

- What is npm?

- Understanding asynchronous programming

Plus, learn how Cassidy Williams, Steve Klabnik & Saron Yitbarek got into coding, and find out our top tips for new coders.

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9 Reviews4.4/5
Love the artwork. Who designed it? Maybe we should create a quarterly Product Hunt zine. 🤔
@rrhoover 🙌 🔥 🙌 YES
@rrhoover hah, you totally should! @goodboygraphics did all the illustration - he's great.
@rrhoover @_gw 😎✌️

This will be very useful for newbie developers starting out, especially those in developing countries.


The info on how the web works and building for it is presented in a comic book-like manner which makes it easy to assimilate.


The info on who the individuals are who were interview for the Paths to Programming section is not obvious on the online view mode.

Glitch just keeps bringing it ⚡️🎏🔥 I love that they’ve been making so many code-for-beginners things lately. A zine is such a cool idea, and fits with their DIY-rad-fun aesthetic nicely. How did this idea for a zine come about, @_gw & crew? Also, I believe that your Community Engineer—Jenn Schiffer—used to teach, and I’m wondering how/if having such experience in the team has helped Glitch’s educational mission.
Thanks @barnabybones! We like to experiment with different formats to try and reach the largest possible audience. Not everyone likes video, for example, and books and long tutorials can be daunting for some. I ran a punk-zine when I was growing up, and we love the zines @b0rk has been putting together (, along with the conference notes by @sketchnotable (, so it seemed like a fun project. Jenn is great and has a ton of fab advice, and several other members of the Glitch team and wider Fog Creek company have links to education too, so it's something we're keen to make use of.
@b0rk @sketchnotable @_gw That's awesome! It's really cool that you folks are experimenting with different ways to deliver your educational resources. That shows a rare dedication to helping and building your product's community rather than focusing only on the product. It's great when tech companies have just some educational resources, but you're taking it whole other awesome level. Thanks for the zine links! I'm excited to dig in.
@b0rk @sketchnotable @barnabybones thanks, that means a lot! enjoy
Love this! How are you doing the printing? (Did you bulk print for the education copies?)
@mijustin Thanks! We're using Blurb's print on demand service. Since each request is for a group of typically 10-30 zines, we're just printing and shipping each batch individually. It's not the most cost-effective way of handling it, postage in particular, but it means we can outsource the whole thing.
This is really awesome!