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Turn the map of your favorite place on earth into jewelry

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Hi guys! Super excited to share Talia's Kickstarter project here! The project gained a lot of interest and is now 500% over the funding goal, which is amazing :) Much love for your support! Shay & Talia
@britaingreen thanks a lot! Happy you liked it :)
Love this.
Great work! Will it have the option to customise the map before submitting it? Also would love to have the option of printing the terrain instead (for example Africa's) :)
@shadihalloun you choose the frame, and Talia makes the final design adjustments if needed. It's a nice idea, to have the option of drawing on the map. Maybe will be added! You can use any map. If you zoom out, you'll get the terrain of Africa!
Wow! This is one of the greatest ideas I've faced recently. Thank you for sharing!
@laskovaia thank you so much!