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Turn the map of your favorite place on earth into jewelry


Shay Shafranek
@shayshaf · Sr. Director Product, Fiverr
Hi guys! Super excited to share Talia's Kickstarter project here! https://www.kickstarter.com/proj... The project gained a lot of interest and is now 500% over the funding goal, which is amazing :) Much love for your support! Shay & Talia
Britain Green
@britaingreen · Front-end Developer, Iluminere
Such a cool idea @shayshaf
@alifsajan · Founder of (ooo)
Love this.
Shadi Halloun
@shadihalloun · Co-Founder @ Etools.io
Great work! Will it have the option to customise the map before submitting it? Also would love to have the option of printing the terrain instead (for example Africa's) :)
Anastasia Laskovaia
@laskovaia · Entrepreneursip researcher, GSOM
Wow! This is one of the greatest ideas I've faced recently. Thank you for sharing!