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#4 Product of the DayJuly 05, 2014
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Yeti is among many apps which have launched recently facilitating location-based conversations or hyper local messaging. Here are few which have been hunted here before Tentwenty Shortwave Popcorn Spiral Ripple Enquire Hoods Jelly Quest Herenow
@kwdinc thanks for the roundup of similar apps, really helpful.
@bswen @kwdinc GREAT roundup. You get a gold star, Kevin. :)
@bswen @rrhoover Haha, Thanks guys :)
@kwdinc thanks for posting!
@kwdinc Not on the US App Store?
@SoleneMa @kwdinc not available for me either in the U.S. App Store.
@rrhoover @SoleneMa Guess they pulled it from the app store !
Looks like the folks at At The Pool have pivoted and/or rebranded. Unfortunately it's not available in the U.S. App Store so I'm unable to give it a spin.
@rrhoover ye combination of a small pivot + rebrand. They pulled it as there were reports of images not loading or something (submitting a fix soon). If I'm honest I uninstalled the app moments after installing it anyway.. (sorry)
@dan_hopwood it's all good, I understand why you uninstalled! We took it down for a number of reasons. Many of those are fixed now, images are loading now. Just submitted another build today to fix some location issues, but I think you'll like where it's going. Give it another shot?
@dzimm28 nice! I'll check it out but first you must answer a question: Why is it called Yeti?
@rrhoover yeti is the search for the unknown. Stumbling onto an incredible experience you didn't know existed!
@dzimm28 I like the name but why not Sasquatch or Loch Nest? j/k :)
@rrhoover Touché, but Yeti seemed to have the best ring to it. Only 4 letters, pretty hard to misspell :)