Yet Another Mail Merge (YAMM)

Run well-targeted email campaigns with Gmail & Google Sheets

Create email campaigns with Gmail and Google Sheets. Personalize & track each email sent. Yet Another Mail Merge is so easy to set up that everybody can use it! In a couple of clicks, send bulk emails to a mailing list without any coding knowledge.

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Hello hunters! I am Romain, creator of Yet Another Mail Merge (YAMM). Thanks Kevin for hunting YAMM! I started YAMM as a simple script to share with other developers and it grew into the most installed Google Add-on for mail merge and email campaigns. I am excited to offer a special deal for the ProductHunters & I will be keen to answer any questions that you might have for me. Special deal for ProductHunters! Try PREMIUM PLAN for 3 months free (no credit card details required) https://yet-another-mail-merge.c...
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@romain_vialard1 Thank you for creating such a useful tool! We at @CakeResume use it everyday!!
@cakeresume @trantorliu Great to hear that! We have more than 100 000 active users every month and I'm really glad to see some people use it every day.

I set it up within minutes. The google sheets integration is smooth. Sent out campaign to 300+ in one day with personalization and scheduling. The feature set is pretty expansive. Looking forward to use the Saleforce integration. If it works well, that would be epic! Very straightforward to use and measure success

Meanwhile I think an onboarding guide will really help after setting up the account. Somehow I missed it and had to spend a bit of time to understand how to setup my first campaign.


1. Simple yet powerful features. The essential features for a mass email campaign are all there.

2. Seamless integration with Google Sheets


There is no simple guide when onboarding

True, even if YAMM is loved for its simplicity, we could provide more ressources to new users to help them get started. At the end of last year, we rebuilt our documentation and a 'Send your first campaign with YAMM' guide is available there: https://support.yet-another-mail... We also have the same guide available as a video tutorial since a few months:
And both ressources are shared in the "Welcome email" we send to new users. In addition to that we plan to: - detect when it's the first time someone is using YAMM and offer a step-by-step tutorial in the app directly. - advise users who visit our documentation for the first time to check the guide and some other useful ressources before anything else

Used YAMM on and off for a few years now when a more personalised mail merge approach is required. Have used it on mailouts to several thousand people eg. for invites (all optin in case you were wondering).

The mail merging is great, the integration between sheets and Gmail is pretty straightforward and once you get into some of the dynamic stuff sheets can do, there's all sorts of ways of using it: custom links, attachments, event custom pre-filled forms.

It's pretty quick, too, even for sends with hundreds of email addresses. Downside is that you can get yourself in to trouble if you're not careful about making sure you're OK to send to those emails, especially when new stricter data protection rules are coming in across Europe and California. Make sure you've got permission to send and respect opt-outs!

Only niggle is that if I want to send multiple campaigns from the same spreadsheet, YAMM sometimes can't find the email addresses, even when following the instructions, but there's ways round this (duplicating the sheet), however it's sometimes useful to keep all the YAMM campaigns on a single sheet with different columns for each email sent.

Use YAMM for personal touch.

Use others eg. Mailchimp, etc for bulk emails.

In summary, excellent product, good support, well worth it.


Flexible, simple to use with tools I know already, cheap to use, great support


Bit fiddly with spreadsheet filters, managing unsubs / bounces is a manual process

Thanks for the positive review. It will greatly help, if you could send us at your specific queries about spreadsheet filters and your suggestion on what could be improved with unsubscribes/bounces.
Awesome! Can't wait to give it a try!
@kengu_rut please try, do you already know where YAMM could help you?
@romain_vialard1 Yes, doing exactly what it offers.
@romain_vialard1 YAMM was always so useful for me doing biz dev in startups I worked at - thanks for making such a time-saving product 🙌🏾
@abadesi Thank you! In how many startups did you use it ? :)