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I was the lead engineer on this project--thoughts and feedback welcome :D
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I led the original version of this at Dropbox; well done on turning it in to a service. Quick tip for sorting: matching last name (family) and taking recency more into account will probably increase count/send rates ;)
@joshpuckett Awesome! We train a model per app. It doesn't make sense to invite your family to YesGraph like it does for Dropbox. You rank by last name, but you don't dedupe, so my recommendations are all stale emails of people that already have accounts. I just took this screenshot
@joshpuckett Solid advice! Our model considers that kind of data, and determines how useful it is for each app. For example, it might suggest lots of family members for a photo sharing app, but none for a dating app. The best part is that it gets smarter over time, so the data starts to speak for itself. It's definitely an interesting problem to be working on! Thanks for chiming in :)
@joshpuckett That said, my contacts might be atypical. Which is why we train across all an app's users to see what patterns work.
@joshpuckett Also, you may know @ikirigin from his Dropbox days?!
@carolynjoneslee @joshpuckett I don't think we overlapped :-D
I love that it's one line of code with options available via admin UI.
@covrter Yeah, that was the design from the start, which meant a lot of changes on the tech side. For example, we were able to change how we do authorization in our API, without sacrificing security. I think we ended up with a much better product because of the mandate to make it “one line of code"!
Wow, great execution on a really simple, but useful tool!
@swetzequity Thanks! Our goal was to dramatically simplify adding YesGraph to your app