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I'm CEO at YesGraph. We're excited to open up our beta, exclusively on Product Hunt. I'm here to answer your questions about what we make and help you get started. In short, YesGraph does the heavy lifting of social graph analysis to find which contacts a user should invite. You can use this to make suggested invite lists or something like People-You-May-Know (PYMK) from LinkedIn or Facebook. I am obsessed with growth, having run growth at Dropbox. So if you have any questions about referral programs or invite flows, let us know! You can email me at
@yesgraph @ikirigin Hey Ivan, this looks like a great service. I'm curious what makes a particular contact a "better" choice than another in your view. Likelihood that they'll use a mobile app? Closeness to the inviting user? Is the goal to find the inviting user's best friends? Or just active users?
@nickoneill Having friends on an app helps both that user and the friends. Our goal is to make the best user experience, not message the most people. Ideally 100% of invites and wanted and accepted. So our ranking tunes for that. We try to find which relationships (e.g. friends, coworkers etc) matter. We try to find which kinds of people might be interested in the app. So we're using social graph and interest data, along with a lot of other signals. It'll be different for different apps. It'll also be different for different flows. For example, a referral flow should exclude existing users, but a content share flow shouldn't.
@yesgraph @ikirigin I see potentially better conversion rate, better k factor, less waste of resources and time (goal is not to invite the people who would never use the app) better retention... more valuable users.
@angelomilan you should join our marketing team :-D
@ikirigin ha ha, thank you for the compliment, Ivan :-D you can use it ;)
This is awesome - we're building out our invite flow now, and being able to suggest specific people to our user would be great, instead of asking them to think through all of their contacts, or have a specific person in mind.
@rae_simon exactly! It is the difference between typing out an email or phone number by memory or having the right ones ready to click. For Murmur, you can ask people if they want to add friends to the thread, and then provide suggestions. Here is a quick mock:
@rae_simon @ikirigin I was questioning myself... to help me, the inviter, make an informed decision, can you also tell me WHY I should invite Bob to the Murmur thread? Bob (reason) Alice (reason) Zeek (reason)... I know, maybe I went too far :)
@rae_simon @angelomilan in some cases, we can make that transparent. In other cases, we might not be able to make it logical. Maybe if you're sharing a Lady Gaga t-shirt, the recipient "follows @ladygaga". Not all such ranking features are as logical to users. But we're planning on trying it out!
What makes this different from @ShuttleCloud? Not criticizing, I'm genuinely curious which product would be better for particular use cases (startup, enterprise, etc).
@ShuttleCloud @ryanckulp They focus on managing extracting contacts from email. We focus on what you do once you have that list. There are other graphs, like SMS and Facebook, where they just don't apply. If you're working on contact importing, you should probably use them. We're planning on releasing a drop-in share flow that also handles connection to email addressbooks. I think such flows should be standardized like the Stripe.js checkout flow. It'll help everyone, most especially users.
What attributes do you consider when making these recommendations? Does the user have to first connect their social accounts (Twitter, FB, LI) for this to work?
@nettdrone We analyze the contacts that apps send us. Right now we support address books (email & phone numbers) and Facebook. Twitter and LinkedIn are coming. Twitter and LinkedIn are good contact lists, but not effective messaging channels. What I've seen for most apps is that email and phone numbers for SMS are the most effective invite channels. For desktop web apps, email is it.
Hi Ivan, nice launch! Looks super interesting, i have a question: I am about to launch a referral program for and wanted to get your thoughts on the most important points to nail in the process. Thanks in advance!
@leeful_hi5 Check out this talk of mine about how to build a referral program:
An essential step is using YesGraph's API to help recommend invites :-D
@ikirigin awesome thanks for sharing. I have already signed up, looking forward to seeing YesGraph in action :)