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Hey it’s Jasper from Yellowbag, Short story about Yellowbag: when you shop online, you can save money by using a comparison website. But, if you really want to save money you have to shop at the right moment. And that’s when a product’s on sale or drops in price. But - how on earth are you going to keep track of that in an easy way!? Well, that’s why we’ve developed Yellowbag. All your favorite products and shops in one place and price alerts to keep track of the price. When the price drops, we’ll send a notification. Our algorithm finds and tracks more than 90% of the products worldwide. At this moment, we’re tracking the product page that users add. In the near future, we’re going to make sure we’ll also send alerts when the product drops in price in another shop. Our holy grail would be to also connect databases of real shops. More save-features also coming soon. That’s pretty much it! Would love to here your thoughts, don’t hesitate to let me know! Cheers, Jasper @jaspervelferen
@jaspervelferen Feature request! Can I import my pinterest list into Yellowbag? :)
@edtoh @jaspervelferen That's a great idea! It's not possible yet, but for now - got an open profile? Send it to! We'll see what we can do.
@jaspervelferen Yellowbag is the kind of product I've thought about now and then for a long time. How do you deal with getting prices? Scraping? Don't most online retailers forbid it? Also, how do you monetize this? Affiliate links only? Thanks
@gogosse Hi Michel, to be short: yes and yes. Yes - we do scrape those webshops and our only businessmodel is affiliate links at this moment. More questions? Let me know!
Hey there! I found this product this morning and it was: 1. not ugly 2. something I could actually use 3. not already hunted so I thought it was perfect to start the day. I like shopping, I like saving money, I also like nice design. I've been using Yellowbag for approximatively 15 minutes and so far so good. I would just like a bookmarklet for my web browser to add products directly to my account but hey, nobody's perfect.
Awesome idea! Actually I was waiting for something with the same features and flow. However, your mobile app is extremely buggy. FB signup doesn't redirect back to the apps and just hangs on the signup screen. Also, adding new store wasn't straight forward at all. Though, considering this to be an MVP you guys are on the right track.
@russberkun Thnx for the feedback! We're aware of the bugs, a new version of the app (bugfree) is already deployed - coming soon!
@russberkun Our new iOS app is now available. No more bugs over there...
Great idea if it works.
the service now is down...