Simple and colorful calendar app.

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@momeks · Founder & CEO, Appersian
I am selling this project if someone is interesting in to buy it let me know ☺️
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Erman Taylan
@etaylan · Product Manager and Writer @Webrazzi
It needs a Google Calendar integration.
Ryan Hoover
@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
Looks a lot like Clear's minimal, colorful design. good timing with Sunrise's closure.
Austin Songer
I'm so over these calendar apps. The market is already flooded with so many.
@momeks · Founder & CEO, Appersian
Hi, thank you Margaret for hunting my app and everyone for your comments ! This is Momeks developer of Yearly. Actually this my first experience on developing app in Swift language, I never thought it's gonna be really trending app!. But let me explain why this is so simple. First and foremost I am not fan of iOS/Gmail calendars they have so much complex op… See more
Bryant Peng
@bryantpeng · Product Designer
Some cool UI exploration, the lack of calendar integration (which is a must-have) is a dealbreaker though. Also, small pointer - having the X button in the onboarding be on the 1st page and not being able to exit from the last page (i.e. I have to scroll back to the first page) is a little nonstandard, I'd change that for v2!