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@rrhoover - I work with @Salar at @silkdotco. We did find some interesting things. 38 founders have started more than one YC startup. Only 7% of founders are women to date. There does seem to be a California advantage. Only 8% of YC Startups headquartered in California have died versus 11.6% of the total. The cool thing, you can go in and dig for these correlations very easily in the Explore Mode. We also embedded some visualizations (gender distribution) that are dynamic and built with the data present in each page so we didn't have to repeat the visualizations for every page (kind of like templating but for dataviz). And yes, we'd LOVE to build one of these for Product Hunt.
@alexsalkever very cool! I'll send you an email with details on our API if you're up for it!
@rrhoover We are totally up for it. We can ingest the API and automatically create pages based on the parameters / data. Thanks!
This is pretty cool. Wondering if the most active investor counts include or exclude times when the investor automatically invested in every company in the batch. Would be pretty amazing to look at the timing post-demo day. I have a feeling some of these invest pretty close to demo day and some awhile after. Would be interesting stats.
@njdevilsfan85 Good point. Unfortunately, we can't get that information (the data sources don't give us time of investment for angels in all cases.) Also, the data sources we use take a bit to update with all the information. But we're definitely hoping to figure out ways to improve the data.
This post should be about silk.co it looks awesome . My up vote is for Silk.!
@solfrombrooklyn Thank you! We actually were on Product Hunt before and got less votes. Which I guess is a good thing because it means the stuff you can build on SIlk speaks for itself. :) We are just excited to have the community interested in anything we do.
I haven't heard of Silk until now. We should create a page like this for Product Hunt. Did you find anything particularly surprising in the YC data set, @salar?
@rrhoover In addition to @alexsalkever's comments, it might also be interesting to take a look at the bigger picture: http://seed-startups-and-incubat... It's pretty amazing to see the scale of Y Combinator compared to all other accelerators – e.g. the amount of money raised by YC companies seems to be more than all other accelerators combined.