Xbox One X

The world's most powerful console with 4K gaming

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Angela von Wartburg
@vonwartburga · Game Developer
Watched the trailer and I don't know anything more than before.
Hayden Evans
I think we can all agree that regardless of how powerful this console is, it still has the dumbest name ever. xXxBoxOnexXx
André Meyer
@casaout · Developer
Impressive package for 4K gaming (VR in the future) and fully-backwards compatible up to the original Xbox.
Emmanuel Lemor
@exlemor · Cust. Exp., Prod. Mgmt etc are my world.
While the Trailer was cool, no idea what it can do, its specs etc etc but the trailer felt like a combination of The Matrix fast-forwarded to 2017 and what would be a sequel to Tron: Legacy ... pretty cool and definitely well done.
John Murphy
@johnmurphy01 · Co-founder, Gateway Apps
Excited to see what this can do. They didn't talk about VR during the press conference but assuming they are positioning the X to be their VR box. Any word on pre-orders yet? Amazon has the page but no option to pre-order