Wu-Tang's New Album

Only *one* will be made!

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I think this idea is absolutely the best idea in product I've heard in a long time... They've combined exclusivity, democratization, and social proof in a combination that is just so rare...it's brilliant and breathtaking! Check out the attached Forbes articles!
I think the idea is awesome but I'm really curious to see if they can keep it from leaking to the public.
It really is a brilliant idea, albeit not a model that many could replicate - a la NIN's giveaway a few years back. I really like bigger bands testing the market in new ways because it challenges the status quo and encourages lesser known bands and labels to try different revenue models. As for keeping the album from leaking, it's really the distribution part that causes the leaks (source: been music blogging for years and know a few of the leak sources) so I'd imagine the risk is minimal. They're effectively making themselves the leak, which is brilliant.
@dshan You don't think someone will try to record it at one of these listening events?
@scottalln I'm sure due to the notoriety of it people will try to get it leaked. I can think of many more ways to control that when you're just worried about one copy, as opposed to the current method of managing an album before release, which typically involves lots of copies (think screeners leading up to the Oscars and how they leak every single time). I do think it's risky to position this as a piece of art that someone else will get to decide to future of, because it makes the leak so much more devaluing. IMO they should make the original a unique product that stands alone as an original painting would, but treat the songs themselves as inventible re-prints of the original which the masses will get their hands on at some point. That way someone spending millions isn't buying the idea that they could keep it for themselves, but moreso the notoriety of having it first, or having a role in recognizing the value of this music at it's release.