Powered by Open AI GPT-2, this artificial intelligence will auto-complete your sentences to create the most creative and hilarious stories.
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"Write with AI" is a revolutionary artificial intelligence product that lets a unicorn finish your sentences. The unicorn will be able to read your written thoughts in detail and make sense of them before you do. When you're finished writing, the Unicorn will tell you that your writing is terrible and should improve with time. The product, which makes its debut this week at the MIT Sloan conference, was developed by Hugging Face, the leading startup in natural language processing. The startup showed off its ability to interpret written comments in three different ways. The first, which I will call "The F-Word," is a kind of computer version of Google's "Pictionary," which lets you type words in any order that feels natural. The second, "The B-Word," is based on the Latin word for "book," and is like a Google Maps but you don't know where it leads until you find it.The last, "The S-Word," has a "Pictionary"-like algorithm that takes a picture of a word and looks for some letters or a line of letters. @rrhoover, founder of Product Hunt, has been studying the effects of words on a human's cognitive processes for decades. He said: "In humans, words are a lot like pictures, in that humans have many layers of information stored within them. Write with AI will allow humans to see how our mind works, how it processes things, and how it is affected by words." Written by Transformer
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@rrhoover @clement_delangue this is incredibly cool. Amazing work!
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@rlacombe That's amazing, you have an awesome product. Do you plan to do AI that will write poetry and songs? If you ever need help with the AI development and NLP feel free to contact us https://spd.group/ai-development/
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Fun tool, but not to be taken too seriously :)


Fun to play around with, I guess AI is definitely more creative than I am.


When I write about 'higher level' topics like cryptography and blockchains, a lot of the suggestions don't make sense or are inaccurate..

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I tried this and it's amazing. I think i will write more blogs form now on. Using this 😂
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I can finally write a sci-fi book! :D
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@miguelcasteleiro How will you share the royalties with the 🤖?
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@clement_delangue oh shit, didn't think about that. I just asked transformer what he though of it and got an awesome answer hahahah "If Miguel writes a sci-fi book using Transformer, the way he will share royalties with me is... " The AI filled in: [to make sure that we are not making a profit off of the book.] That is actually pretty smart haha
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