Collecting ratings and feedback from your WordPress users

WPHelpful is a WP plugin that lets you collect ratings (emoji, stars, yes/no) as well written feedback from your users for things like online courses, knowledge-bases, etc. This helps you know which content is the most valuable to your users.
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Loving how simple and straightforward this is! I'm also thinking this could be a great way to rank articles/posts on a site as well - adding WPHelpful at the bottom of posts (which could help lead to knowing what content could be leveraged further based on reader's interests). Nicely done as usual @pjrvs and @zackgilbert 👍
Thank you sir! We hope to allow for anonymous ratings/feedback in a future release for things like blog posts or public pages (currently it only works for logged in users).
Hey everyone! Zack and I created WPComplete a few years ago because we saw the need for it's functionality in the projects we were working on, which is now being used on 1,000s of WordPress sites around the world. So when we searched and searched for a plugin that could collect ratings and feedback from users and came up short (existing plugins were poorly written and didn't function), we decided to make our own. WPHelpful exists for WordPress sites that have users (things like courses, knowledge-bases, etc). We wanted a simple and reliable way to know which content was working well and which content wasn't, so we could improve it. Today, we're stoked to bring you WPHelpful! It's on sale right now for a week, and there's even a free version to test out, linked on our homepage (with limited functionality). Hope you enjoy our new plugin :)
@pjrvs @zackgilbert Congrats on the launch! Beautiful design; hope to see a version for anonymous visitors down the road.
@pjrvs @uibreakfast Definitely on the roadmap.
Like the simplicity here! Does this provide Google-friendly Schema markup for reviews?
@edwardshepard Interesting! It doesn’t at the moment, but definitely something we’ll take a look at.
@edwardshepard Hi Edward, since our plugin doesn't show reviews on the frontend, and is only available to WP users (it doesn't show up publicly), there's no schema for reviews. It's not really a review plugin, it's more a feedback plugin for things like courses or knowledge-bases to get feedback from users. Cheers!
Can this be translated? And also, can the feedback be public? i.e. if a user gives some sort of rating on Page X, can/will the result of the ratings be shown to future/other users?
@prithsr We give you the ability to edit all the copy to whatever you’d like. So you’d be able to translate it, we just don’t provide translations. And ratings and feedback are currently only available to the WP admins. But a public facing feature could be interesting and something we add in future releases.