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Each project we work on consists of bunch of resources like files, folders, applications, websites, important e-mails. We need to look for them every time. That causes lots of distraction, time wasting and finally being tired of additional thinking and procrastination. Workspaces solves that problem.

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The killer feature would be if it could restore my app in the spaces that I choose, full screen and side by side other apps!
For the Black Friday the app is 50% discounted

Been using this for sometime now, switching between work projects, and side projects when i get home. works really good. Would be nice if it could close the previous workspace automatically.


Switching projects is now super fast.


no possibility to run commands in terminal, can just open a location.

Thanks for your feedback! Last time I explained on Reddit how to run commands (however the solution is not perfect) and why closing the workspaces is currently impossible:
Seems like a great idea, but i would like it more if it supported tools that I already use like Airmail and Todoist.
Is there a good windows alternative?
@spaztik same question even I want to know