Employee training platform with real-time analytics

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I've known Ted and the WorkRamp team for a while now, and have been excited about their mission to help managers build and train the best teams. As soon as I saw the first version of the product, I knew this was a team that understands how the workplace is changing. People accomplish their main work in interfaces like Slack, Gmail, and Salesforce, and need a training tool like WorkRamp that exists where they work, not in a silo. By connecting training data to actual on-the-job performance, they're going to be able to unlock analytics that are crucial to understanding employee development. I cannot wait for them to make employee metrics just as important as other business metrics like revenue/leads/churn.
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Thanks for the shout out @alexisohanian !! Hey Product Hunt, I’m Ted Blosser, one of the founders of WorkRamp. Our mission at WorkRamp has always been to help companies around the world build the best teams. Companies today spend a ton of time and money recruiting the best talent, but often neglect training and developing that talent to reach their full potential. We’ve been working with an initial set of ~50 companies over the last year to fix this problem and help define what a next generation training platform should look like. These are innovative companies like Intercom, Clutter, PayPal, and Square, and they’ve helped us build an enterprise product that both employees and managers love to use. With WorkRamp’s platform, you can: -Integrate training into popular work interfaces like Slack, Salesforce, & Gmail -Get real-time visibility into training progress across your company -Create training and development paths to keep employees engaged Today, we’re happy to announce WorkRamp to the rest of the world so that we can enable every company to build the best teams! Whether it’s onboarding employees more quickly, sharing knowledge amongst your peers, or aligning everybody on your company mission, we’re here to make it easier. Check us out at or email me at with any questions. Thanks to everybody for the support so far and please don’t hesitate to ask us any questions!! 🙌🏻
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I'm so excited for this product and team!! 💥 Hi from the Slack Platform team over here 👋. I've been working on integrations with the WorkRamp team, and super intrigued to see how people start to incorporate training into their day-to-day. @WorkRamp team, can you give us a sneak peek at what's ahead?
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@cecistalls @workramp Thanks!! We love partnering with Slack and we have some interesting updates on the horizon. Looking forward to revealing those soon 😀
@cecistalls along with work, it's important to stay healthy and well during the work day. Would love your thoughts on our wellness bot , built Slack-first !
Go ex-Box team! Really talented minds behind this, excited to see where it goes. And 🙌 for Steph Curry as an employee example.
Definitely see a need for this. Looking forward to checking it out!