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  • Dominik Kugelmann
    Dominik KugelmannI show CEOs how to work form their phone

    Great, familiar design and use for your team. If you into feed based collaboration you should check it out


    The chat feature needs to ramp up it's features quickly to get on par with industry standards.

    If you are working for a company that has multiple topics at the same time running in the one department/team thinking about a feed based collaboration could be a good option.

    With Workplace you can organise your team in groups and discuss projects/topics via the comments on a post. This could help your team stay on topic and don't get distracted by another random comment in your chat history.

    The (news) feed based way of communicating (FB) can work well for slow moving tasks or project overviews. I feel like a company with more than 50ppl could start to make real use of this kind of work.

    The FB messenger really isn't on par with any of the major business chat's out their. So don't switch to FB if you really just wanna chat with your guys. You could, however, use it to supplement your Slack usage with some company feeds. But then you should save the money and use G+ which comes free with your G Suite subscription.

    The pricing however is attractive. Starting at a about a dollar a month and employee it's way below industry average.

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  • RJ Lewis Digital
    RJ Lewis DigitalRJ Lewis, Digital Consultant

    It's a familiar interface if you use Facebook


    I did not like that I had to bifurcate to use this tool. I get why, but not all teams are enterprise teams.

    I have one team that is very tethered to email and at first blush Workplace from FB seemed like a good way to ease them into real collaboration with a familiar interface. I would still recommend it, but would have liked the option to interface with workplace from my existing account.

    RJ Lewis Digital has used this product for one month.