Workers Sites

Deploy blazing fast static sites and serverless functions.

Workers Sites lets developers build blazing fast websites by seamlessly deploying static assets alongside their APIs and serverless functions. Static sites become even faster when deploying them to the Cloudflare network across 194 cities in 90 countries.
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Hi PH! I'm on the Workers team at Cloudflare and would love for you to checkout what the team has been up to! Workers Sites is what we think modern development on the web should look like: - 🔒natively secure - 🔥fast - 📊massively scalable We built Workers Sites to let developers easily deploy their static sites (like blogs, marketing sites, or portfolios) directly to the network, closer to users. You're free to extend the core of what we've written in any way you see fit! Create APIs, modify HTML, or add any other dynamic elements your site needs, all on the Cloudflare Workers serverless platform. You can get Workers Sites with our Workers Unlimited plan, starting at $5 / mo. It includes 10 million Workers requests and up to 30 sites. Check out the docs here: Happy to answer any questions!
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What static site generator should we make a quick start for next?
Static Sites with Wordpress
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@remy_guercio Hugo you're already using Hugo for the documentation site :)
Hey Remy, this looks great! 🙌 We're a big user of Firebase - with their DB, hosting, cloud functions and file hosting, they form a big part of our stack. Could you explain how Workers Sites differs from Firebase?
Hey @jeremynevans ! The big difference for most people is going to be speed. When you deploy your site with Workers Sites it deploys to our network vs a single cloud region. As of today, our network spans 194 cities in over 90 countries, which means your site is going to be fast and close to users no matter where they are in the world. Another cool thing is that any functions written in Workers and data in Workers KV will also be available in each network location as well. Also, since Workers can directly modify anything sent back to the user, you can build what is essentially a fully dynamic static site (ha I know sounds a bit odd) without sacrificing performance! Does that help answer your question?
@remy_guercio It does, thanks! Does this mean your serverless functions can be pretty much as responsive (including wakeup time) as a standard server-based backend?
@jeremynevans Yep! Workers is built using V8 Isolates rather than the more traditional container method, so we end up with very fast cold starts. More detailed info on performance:
First of all, congrats for the awesome product! It always got me wondering how could CloudFlare not add a solid static website hosting product to their portfolio since they're already a badass CDN solution! Then Worker Sites arrive, which is more than awesome! But I have a back-end question: What is the limit for a worker processing? I mean, is there any RAM/CPU limit? If I run a "task" that consumes lot of those resources, will I be hitting a hardware threshold? Where can I read more about those limits? Thanks in advance!
Thanks @kazzkiq ! Glad you think it's awesome! As far as memory and CPU limits go: it's 50ms of compute for Workers when using the Workers Unlimited Plan (the same plan you need to use Workers Sites) and 128MB of memory for a given Worker instance. One important thing to note is that, unlike other serverless platforms, we only count CPU time and not wall-clock time. So, if you make an HTTP request from your Worker, we don't count time spent waiting for it to return against your limit. With this difference we see most normal use cases falling well under the limit. We have more detailed info on limits here:
@kazzkiq With backblaze b2 cloud we can already do that. Host your site over there and server the DNS, CDN via cloudflare. I'm looking for a feature that cloudflare KV connect to the data source of b2 cloud bucket and use it.
Congrats on the launch, Remy and team! Sounds like a very strong iteration. What are the storage limitations for workers KV? Have any cool examples of sites built on this?
I might be a bit biased but I really like that we open sourced our own Workers docs and deployed them with Workers Sites! We'll also be sharing some cool projects from the community on @CloudflareDev. As far as current KV limits go, you can find all of the info here: