Wordcounter for Google Docs

A real-time word count and milestone markers in Google Docs.

Wordcounter shows a real-time word count as you type in any Google Docs document. You can toggle it off and on by clicking on the icon in the top right corner of your browser.

It also adds milestone markers every 500 words. Motivating!

Matthew Hartman
Mateo Beta Gallisa
Esme Crutchley
  • Pros: 

    Simple, effective, does exactly what it should


    No cons, perfect, does exactly what it says

    After searching for months to get an add on that does exactly what this does, just shows me the word count of the document I'm working on. I'm a mature student, and being able to see exactly how many words I have when working to tight restrictions is great. Fab little app, couldn't do without it now and I've only had it 5 mintues!

    Esme Crutchley has used this product for one day.
I've been writing a lot in Google Docs, and wanted a real-time word count and milestone markers. So I built a little extension. Maybe you'll find it useful too!
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@shl looks sweet mate! Great job! 👌
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@shl really useful!
Feature request: Flesch-Kincaid scoring. Being able to tell on the fly if my word length / sentence length / grade level is over the head of my reader would be super helpful.
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Feature request - ability to add milestone markers at other intervals (100, 200, 300 words) for shorter content pieces.
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@vmarks I'll look into adding this!
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@vmarks @shl please also add character counter!
Nice work Sahil! I have literally copy & pasted things from a Google Doc to a different platform just to get a word count 😅
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@daviswbaer i can totally relate to that part.
@daviswbaer @yogitakhatri You can select all the content in google docs with Ctrl+A and then can perform a word tally by using Ctrl+Shift+C. Not saying that the tool is not handy. It definitely is!!
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@daviswbaer Happy to help!
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@nishashah11 Thnx a lot, that is a big help.!
Top stuff, much needed. Thank you!
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