Finally an app to put your Facebook events on steroids

#2 Product of the DayMarch 26, 2014
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Thanks @EdouardPetit The main goal of Woovent is to finally give Facebook events the mobile app they deserve! It is awesome to be here on Product Hunt today, if anyone has a question or any feedbacks please let me know!
Welcome, @adulong! I know many people that are frustrated w/ Facebook events. It's noisy and easy to lose track of events you actually want to keep up with. That said, I'm skeptical if this is a strong enough pain point for most people to download an entirely separate app, outside of their existing routine. I'm curious to hear your thoughts on this and what you've done to measure market demand for Woovent.
Hello @rrhoover and thanks for the warm welcome! I understand what you mean however we think that for people who receive a lot of invitations the Facebook app is a real pain. Mobile apps need to be really simple and focus only on one field in order to be effective. Even Facebook take this into account : you now have an app only for the chat (Facebook messenger), or you have an app only for your news feed (Paper). And we think that events is something that is underestimated today on Facebook : there is no interaction, no way to easily enjoy photos of an event months or years later (it is why we create automatic memories from you past events), and there is so many things to do in this field! And this is some interesting figures about the market : more than 5 millions of events invitations are sent each hour on Facebook, but 60% of these invitations will never have any answer! That's not because people don't want to RSVP but only because they don't have the right tool, now with Woovent we hope they have it ;)
Played with it a bit. Good UI! How do you think about contrasting yourselves from other "vertical slice" apps that do things in this space? For instance, I use Sunrise to manage my FB events and I love it (though I do wish it had your images) http://www.producthunt.co/posts/472
Hi @staringispolite thanks for your feedback! About sunrise comparison (really great app indeed!) we see Woovent in a different field : we won't manage your business meetings and we really focus on Facebook events. And because we focus on them we want to bring much more to them. Two things are really important for us : improve the way you manage your invitations (filter spams, easily find invitations to answer them, etc), and bring back interactions and contents to events (easily and automatically gather photos taken during them, create interaction during and after the events, keep and easily give access to your old events with all the photos and interactions associated with them). So we don't see Woovent as a calendar app but as a Facebook events app with a simple goal : improve the way you use and enjoy them! I hope this give you a better idea of our vision.