Wonder for iOS and Android

Indie music discovery from the co-founder of We Are Hunted

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@marklyttleton Thanks Mark appreciate your support.
@lldavedave @marklyttleton love the app! How can we help support Wonder by submitting content?
@brucekraftjr tweet your SoundCloud tracks to @wonder
@lldavedave awesome, will do! Much appreciated.
Looking good, slick interface!
@adrianleb Thanks! Appreciate the positive feedback
Loved We Are Hunted! As soon as I tried http://wonder.fm been wanting it on app form. Great work!
Nice work guys!
Thanks @cdinnison Appreciate it
Great app, thanks! Do you plan to add Apple Music integration? I'd like to be able to add songs to my own playlists easily.
Good suggestion @mikaellowgren will add it to our list!