Women Made It

Awesome design tools, books, podcasts & blogs made by women

Awesome tools, books, podcasts, and blogs made by women. Let's support great makers in the design community.
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hey to all Product Hunt community πŸ’ I'm Lisa, maker of @flawlessappio, Reduce App and Awesome Design Tools (GitHub list). Between 201 design tools I saw, only 4 were co-founded of made my women. Between dozens of design book, podcasts, and blogs, only a few runs by women. We need to change this πŸ™Œ I believe that women in design can write great books, outstanding blogs and chance our design community. With this tiny, for now, project, I and @valiahavruliyk will showcase great things done by women in design. "Women Made It" is open-source. Let's grow it together.
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@arthur_tkachenko many thanks for the support :) I hope, we'll have Women Made It a huge and bright ✨
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@lisadziuba It will be! Sharing at my networks
I'm really proud of my team πŸ’ Keep making a great projects!!!
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@geek_1001 you're the best CEO ever!
β€œWhen the whole world is silent, even one voice becomes powerful.” - Malala Yousafzai I love this quote. With the power of free learning resources, open-source tools and communities like Product Hunt, everyone can bring changes. Everyone can empower others. Every voice is count. I'm a junior designer and maker. A bit more than a year ago, I started my first job in a startup. With zero knowledge but amazing support, I made a step into design and took part in delivering 3 projects. That's an amazing feeling. I wish more women in design, even the most junior one, release more tools, write more articles and share more products on Product Hunt. And I'm here to support this!
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Nice job, girls!
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Good project, I have contributed on GitHub! 🀘
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@andrianv thank you! I've merged all pull requests :)
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@andrianv @valiahavruliyk I wish to see more contributions 😍