WiseStamp allows people to create and manage email signatures that look great and work flawlessly on all email platforms - no coding needed. The company's solution is ideal for both individuals and teams, helping its 850K users grow their businesses with every mail they send!

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I don't like crazy signatures with loads of images; but the business plan to centrally manage signature templates sounds useful.
@_jacksmith Thanks Jack, Yes our Business solution is all about Centrally managing signatures on Google Apps. You can find it's dedicated Landing page here http://www.wisestamp.com/corporate
I personally dislike heavy email signatures filled social profile links that sometimes break email responsiveness on mobile. They feel very impersonal. Maybe that's just me though. The one feature I do like about this is the RSS-integration for promoting recent content (e.g. your last blog post).
@rrhoover I'm typically of the same mindset. I do like the 'next meeting slot' signature concept though... Really cool for scheduling!
@rrhoover Thanks Ryan. Happy to learn you found our RSS feature usefull. Thanks for your feedback some of our users also preffer simple designs, It's a matter of taste and the buety is you can easily design a signature that you like and that will do the job for you. Many WiseStamp users actually like the fact they can easily add their social profiles and share them in a fashionable way adding their - Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter etc Others simply like the fact they can promote their Webinar, App, Blog, Newsletter, Product, Sale etc. Our team is happy to be able to empower all of them and help each one of them achive his business and professional goals.
Cool what an honor- on behalf of the WiseStamp Team thanks guys for voting us up.
I just signed up for WiseStamp and created a signature. I think the signatures look very clean and the process of creating it was very easy. The only thing that I realized was missing in the process was the ability to CROP photos after uploading an image for the signature.. But that was very minor.. Overall amazing job!
@jonathanburdon Thanks awesome feedback i've passed it to our product team.
I think the usefulness of this app is the dynamic content. What would be awesome is if it was a live-generated image (or 3) that was loaded when the email was opened. So it was REALLY dynamic. It could even be customizable to the email address that opened it (or recipient name, if it's included)
@toobulkeh Thanks Dan. We currently have dynamic apps such as your latest Tweet, Blog Post or FB post. We do plan to add some animated Gif Youtube video support etc. I've passed your awesome feedback to our team.