Windows 10

The best Windows yet is here

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Microsoft's latest release: bringing back the start menu, making things snappier, and increasing cross-device compatibility and usability. Given the last few releases, I think it's critical for Microsoft that Windows 10 is well received and lives up to the promises they've made.
After leaving Windows for Linux about 6 years ago, maybe it's time to try it again.
@felixog_ You should totally give it a try I've downloaded to my old PC and they are very snappy easy on the eye and i thing that Microsoft after Satya Nadella got the chair is going to the right direction after all!
This is the first time I feel like installing Windows on my MacBook to be the main OS. It's really nice to use, feels fresh and alive. Can't wait for Edge to support WebRTC too :)
@stinhambo how are you enjoying it so far?
I've been testing this for months now and have had an amazing experience with it. Can't wait until everyone gets the update.
It really is the best Windows yet.