Wild Journey

Guided meditations focused on making you mindful

Wild Journey offers several ways to help you get more mindful, meditate and connect with the natural world.
With multiple day experiences, guided meditations and mini meditations brings calm and balance to your life in a natural way.
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@chrismessina Thanks for hunting us! Living in our off grid home in the Spanish hills surrounded by pine trees and untamed wildness we enjoy the sunshine and the benefits of having nature around you on a daily basis. We designed Wild Journey to help you connect with nature anywhere you are. Last year we spent five months traveling through Southern Europe, the United States and Canada where we explored deserts, climbed mountains and got lost in ancient forests. On our trip we had countless encounters with wildlife, and it were all these wonderful moments that led to the creation of Wild Journey. We love making products that make a positive impact on people’s live, to show you what nature does for us and to help you experience what it can do for  you!
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@chrismessina @workbymark Some of the coolest graphics I have seen. Very well done. Love it. Truly beautiful
Would love an Android version 😉
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@irresistibl Thanks! As a small independent company we can only focus on a few things. Supporting two platforms is unfortunately not possible at this time. Perhaps in the future! 😀
I believe I got less stressed just by scrolling your landing page — amazing! UPD: there is something with alignment in the Press Kit block
@savelii Thanks! Wait till you try the actual app 😉. We will get the alignment fixed.
@savelii haha was just going to say the same! 🧘🏽‍♀️
Would kill for an Android version! Wanna test that out so much. Graphics are beautiful. Can you explain your pricing model (if there's some)? Cannot open the app yet -- dont have iOS.
@jean_simon_lyonnais2 Thanks! Sure, the app is free to download and comes with 6 landscapes and 2 experiences. We offer an auto-renewing monthly subscription at $6.99/month and an auto-renewing annual subscription at $46.99/year to provide you with unlimited access to the endlessly growing library.
Pros, cons, differences vs the current market leaders (Calm, Headspace) or other up and coming mindfulness/meditation apps?
@jeremyz123 Great question. We have been making nature inspired mindfulness apps for over 3 years now and have learned a lot during this time. There are a few key differences with other mindfulness apps. One of the biggest is our focus on nature and the positive effects it has on you. Everything from the sounds, illustrations and guided meditations that go into this app. The other one is the experience we try to create. The 3D sounds create an immersive experience where the illustrations help you to imagine being somewhere else. Many apps, such as Headspace and Calm, focus on learning you how to meditate or how to practice mindfulness. With our apps we focus more on experiencing nature, and getting mindful while you do so. Effectively trying to create our own niche/space.