Instantly get Wikipedia summaries in WhatsApp πŸ’¬

WikiBot is a WhatsApp bot which sends you summaries of Wikipedia pages

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My daughter is in the Peace Corp and has very limited access to mobile data but her plan has unlimited WhatsApp data. This looks like it could be a great resource for her.
@robert_horvick If only she also had an unlimited FB data plan. I know just the bot that would let her browse the web (including Wikipedia, of course) right inside Facebook Messenger ( More info here:
WikiBot was a quick experiment to test out the new Twilio WhatsApp API - but it turned out to be quite useful in everyday life πŸ˜„ It uses the DuckDuckGo instant answers API to get a summary from a Wikipedia page of the term you send the bot. If you want to try building your own WhatsApp bot - here's a draft of a tutorial I've been writing - - let me know what you think πŸ’¬ P.S - This bot is still in the Twilio Sandbox which is why you see the profile picture and the initial onboarding!
@jajoosam If you are using Twilio API then it must be costing something?
@jajoosam the url is now working, good job
@jajoosam I wonder, have you tried using Whatsapp's business API: Unlike Twilio API, it's free.
@jajoosam @ultracuck It is not available to everyone yet unfortunately.
@jajoosam @ultracuck I work on the WhatsApp API at Twilio. The WhatsApp Business API actually isn't free. Template messages will cost the same as what we have here - Facebook just hasn't published pricing yet. Twilio just charges an additional fee for Session messages. It also doesn't have a Sandbox β€” you can't send messages unless you're first approved πŸ˜„
Looks awesome! So did you do via the official api of WhatsApp? If yes any guide on how you got approval and how much days it took for approval?
@evivz Hey! I'm using Twilio's Sandbox APIs for WhatsApp - here's a draft of a tutorial I wrote on this πŸ‘‰
@jajoosam So how do you plan to earn out it? I see 0.005$ per call charge so you need to bare a lot.
@evivz I don't plan to earn from it πŸ˜‰ Just a fun project I wanted to share, but I think Twilio's WhatsApp APIs will surely have amazing, much more useful applications coming from it!

I expected at least a paragraph or two, but what I got was a half of a sentence. I think the replies can be a few sentences longer.


Very quick. Very easy-to-use. Wikipedia has never been so close.


Not concise. Extremely brief.

Awesome didn't know about the what's app APIs do they cost money?
@frcbls Using Twilio's Sandbox APIs for WhatsApp. There's a free trial too πŸ˜„ Short tutorial I built for making the bot: