Why Do I Procrastinate?

Web MD for Procrastination


This is a quick quiz that is based on the book The Procrastination Equation. It helps you identify and isolate the exact reason for your procrastination, and offers suggestions to fix it immediately.

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  • Vincent Denise
    Vincent Denise📖 @threader_app

    Help me better understand myself and why I react the way I do.



    I sometimes proscratinate when I'm stressed and this tool allows me to better understand the causes. The main reason according to Why Do I Procrastinate Is Too Much Impulsiveness. I have to fix this and I already found that tasks that feed my imagination let me be more focused so when I do something boring I try to think about my long term goals and all the creativity I will find on the road. It's helpful to put words on these kinds of issues.

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  • Abadesi
    AbadesiHead of Maker Outreach at Product Hunt

    Gave me suggestions for how I can do better.


    Would love for the quiz section to have more visual aids / images.

    Its a good way of doing some introspection and forcing yourself to confront the reasons why you're procrastinating. It also explains the reasons why you're doing it so you can control it and suggests ways to overcome it.

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  • Gezim Hoxha
    Gezim HoxhaFounder, Zip Recipes

    Gave me insight into my procrastination



    I gave this a quick whirl and it actually got me thinking about why I was procrastinating.

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  • Marie Denis
    Marie Denis👩🏻‍💻 womenmake.com • 📖 threader.app

    It's quick to do the test and the result is interesting... and accurate! :)


    Be able to save the result (export as PDF?) since I accidentally closed the window.

    I like to see concrete ways to help me not procrastinate anymore.

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  • Daniel Omoniyi
    Daniel OmoniyiFounder & CEO, Conteidon.



    None for

    If you were honest while answering the quiz, you'd get an accurate answer. Really helped me out!

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    Dint find any

    Being a professor I teach the same to my students..


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