Boss as a Service

Making sure you achieve your goals by giving you a boss

BaaS helps you achieve your goals, acting as a boss for your life. It monitors your progress by making sure you’re completing your planned todos, and if you’re falling behind, follows up till you finish them. It makes sure you actually follow through on what you plan, and that your New Year Resolutions are going strong in February and beyond.

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Hello Product Hunt! New Year, new goals and new resolutions. While I was examining my own patterns of productivity over the past years, I noticed one thing: it's actually pretty easy to get things done at work. It's on autopilot. I never miss a work or client deadline. Yet, I miss my own deadlines all the time. I realized I need some system of external motivation. Someone to oversee what I was doing, and in many cases, call me out on my bullshit when I was slacking off and making excuses. My first instinct was to make one of my friends do this for me. But accountability buddies have never worked for me. Friends are busy, don't have time to chase you up, and most importantly, they let you get away with things because they don't have the heart to be too hard on you. We start out with great enthusiasm, but it always peters out in a week or two when the novelty wears out. Basically I needed something more hard nosed and persistent, and not polite check ins from friends, which I manage to easily fob off. So I made this side project, Boss as a Service -- it monitors and supervises your progress towards your goals by making sure that you're completing your planned todos and tasks, much as a real life boss would. If you're falling behind, we follow up and don't leave off till you resolve it. How it works: 1. you send us your tasks/todos with a specific deadline 2. you finish the tasks and send us proof of completion (yes, really!) 3. if you don't, we will demand answers and harangue you till the unfinished tasks are resolved. Special New Years deal on Pro Procrastinator 😆 Thanks to @amrith for the inspiration and motivation to ship! And let's all do something awesome in 2018!
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If this is really real (has anyone really tried it?) I think you should definitely offer a trial account -- if only for a single task or three days or something.
Thanks for hunting @manasvinik, I like how this helps create accountability for people who need to get more done, please tell us more about how Boss As A Service is working so far?
@abadesi Hi Abadesi! Thanks for the question. Boss as a Service has worked well with beta testers to get some serious work done so far. :) Some takeaways: - People definitely seem to get more done when they know that their work will be supervised / judged by someone else. - It helps tease out patterns in productivity more easily -- for example, when someone constantly defaults on a todo, forcing them to confront that can result in them questioning why they're not able to get that done. It keeps them honest about their priorities.
Great for entrepreneurs who need some human-like motivation to cut down on that dreaded procrastination and create some accountability.