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Easily find the parent company owning a site

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Tried it on my phone (chome) and it doesnt do anything ...
@jurica87 Fair point, never crossed my mind to test on mobile. Thanks for the feedback!
site isn't working for me. Is just showing a spinning wheel for ages after I try a domain
@_jacksmith That's weird, seems to work for me. What domain did you try?
It's a bit buggy but it got producthunt.com right: What is the "WTF upvote" button for, @kaolti?
@rrhoover Thanks for giving it a try! This project tries to solve the issue that we're not aware who actually owns the sites we're using every day. For ex. I didn't know Rottentomatoes is owned by Comcast and Metacritic by CBS, which one might think potentially leads to biased reviews. WTF is just a way to log any interesting connections we stumble across.
@kaolti @rrhoover The WTF button confused me! May need some copy on what it is for. Took me a few tries as well to get a website to work!
@joshenglish @rrhoover Point taken Josh :) Should have written a bit of an explanation at least.
First result was OK, and the anserw wasn't obvious. Seconq query went wrong. IMO it's to early to pitch it but good luck.
@marcinodchyl1 Thanks Marcin, appreciate the feedback!
Also what is "WTF" button?
@sielay An honest vote of surprise when you find out "all" movie review sites are owned by broadcasting companies.
@kaolti yes, example is good, as wtf doesn't sound like a positive surprise