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Carol Skelly
@carolskelly · Maker / developer
Hey, thanks for hunting this! Basically, I was inspired by the Product Hunt leaderboard, and thought it would be cool to mashup the Product Hunt makers and hunters with their matching stats on AngelList and Twitter. The result is a people discovery mechanism for startup enthusiasts. Who Hunt enables you to leverage some interesting data about top hunters, m… See more
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Ryan Hoover
@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
This reminds me of wefollow, a site @kevinrose created shorter after Twitter started blowing up. More investors are looking "earlier in the funnel" to source good talent (see Bloomberg's Future Founders project). A tool like this (but more data-driven like Mattermark, cc @daniellemorrill) could be very useful for VC's/investors seeking to build relationshi… See more
Ross Rojek
@sacbookreviewer · CTO, GoLocalApps.com, Apptoolkit.io
I've been seeing more data mashups. Its a great idea to better show relationships that exist that you might be able to track individually, but now can do in bulk. Also going to be a good tool for startups to find funders for things similar to what they're building
Sathya Peri
@gosathya · on a leave of absence
This looks like an awesome product. I would definitely use this everyday.
Jason Dainter
@jasondainter · International doer of things
The product hunt effect :-) http://i.imgur.com/O5DCEp0.png
Ekaterina Klink
@ekaterinaklink · Growth & International Bizdev
today found it quite useful for inviting people to Product Hunt Moscow meetup. The only thing: it sorts according to # of twitter followers and doesn't really show the "score" on producthunt, as many people just registered there and never upvoted anything, others spend quite a lot of time.