GAN generated images vs real humans.

Check if you can guess how many you get right.

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Hey, funny game! But please, remove "play again"! Of course I want play again while I'm on your site
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@gordinmitya Sorry, dont know who made this tbh xD
The problem with these is that almost all faces that aren't real have a very bland background, which makes it very easy to spot the fake ones.
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@amrkafina It's due to the clarity, if its a smaller image you can't even guess if they are fake or not tbh
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@amrkafina Yup. Got everything right so far. The trick is to also look at the edges of the faces where the background begins. You are almost sure to spot an artefact.
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@amrkafina @soooojan also there are small things that look off around the eyes and if the person is wearing glasses the lines are often not straight. I guess it’s good to train our brains to notice the small things, not just the blurry background, so that we may have a chance at recognizing fake faces in the future. Of course, if an actual human read touches these small things after the faces generated then we don’t have a chance
@amrkafina @anna_0x True. Also, these will only get better over time. Doubt if these minor issues will still be present, say, a year down the line.
The latest product trend: GAN apps, following This Person Does Not Exist and This Cat Does Not Exist. 😆
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Awesome game, but a little too easy to cheat. If you right click the images and copy the image address, it's easy to spot the fake because it's hosted in a "fakeimages" directory and the real image is hosted in a "realimages" directory 😅
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This is a great tool! It makes learning about GAN fun and interactive, and it inspires users to learn more about the technology. I am a huge fan of this. Keep up the good work