This Person Does Not Exist presents a random, computer generated photo of a fictional person. Refresh the page each time for a new face.

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This is wild. Could be a useful tool similar to uiFaces for importing placeholder photos of people in mockups and prototypes.
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@rrhoover or be used for next level spam bots. Prob both! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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@rrhoover looks easier than create a face of a real robot
@rrhoover That was my first thought. Any word from the makers about IP? @matsilva All the generic recruiters on Linkedin.
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@rrhoover Hi, someone sent me here to say I made this!
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How am I so scared and so impressed all at once?
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@rcolinkennedy that's exactly it! #uncannyvalley
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Just wait until they let you say 'that one' and then have a whole portfolio of pictures from vacations, working, whatever, generated and sold on a range of backgrounds or the backgrounds of your choice and there's no risk of that person doing anything you don't like because they aren't real. Crazy. Esp if they let you 'click and replace' a given person with the generated one or add them... crazy.


So good I'm hoping they're lying.



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How do I know that it is computer generated and not just a huge database of images of random people? 🧐
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@falkdaniel This is what I thought as well. Good question.
@falkdaniel I've come across some of the same images in the preview images above. Looks like they don't generate on the fly.
@falkdaniel Some of the images have AI-ish glitches. Weird blobs, or hair that doesn’t make physical sense. Eyes that aren’t quite right.
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@falkdaniel @natevancouver Lots of ear glitches, and glitches near edges of features, or edges where foreground meets background.
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@falkdaniel @jaaaaarek :-( Not as interesting, knowing that!
The most fascinating thing about this is how, near, universally positive the comments are, rather than questioning how dangerous a tool like this could be re fake identities, scams (one person caed this), etc.
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