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Hey guys, so I pitched this idea a week ago at Startup Weekend Tokyo "Travel Edition" and people thought it was pretty cool. Built a prototype and demo'ed it, then decided "why not release this" and bought a domain name! A little HTML/CSS, and ta-da. Hope you dig. If you think there are some cool ideas here and want to see more, let me know in the comments!
@benguild It is missing the most important feature. Ordering by speed :)
@mkorevec So the way that it's ordered it is with a factor of availability. We tried sorting by just speed but the data wasn't accurate given that some cities have pockets of fast internet at universities or offices but most people can't use them. I wrote a bit about it here: https://medium.com/@cafewifi/whe...
I love how there is a Book Flight link 😝
Yes!! We have a lot of remote users who need bandwidth for video conferencing. Awesome resource for them.