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What is Treo?
Treo is designed to prove the effectiveness of the optimizations you deploy. By combining modern tooling with the power of data visualization, Treo provides evidence of fast web experience and helps you build performant websites.

Treo tech stack

We're aware of 1 technologies that Treo is built with. Treo utilizes products like Amazon Cloudfront in their tech stack

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Treo Site Speed
With Treo Site Speed it is easy to get a comprehensive site speed report based on real-users data:
1. Audit the speed of your website across devices and locations
2. Benchmark with competitors
3. Review new data every month
It is free and instant.
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Treo Sites
Treo Sites makes it easy to access real user data without setting up scripts or tracking. Compare your website with competitors and explore user experience metrics for your domains and URLs.
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