Where have you cried?

Opened-sourced map of where people have publicly cried in SF

I could add: -In the Marina when I got lost after way too many Jameson-Gingers -On Turk/Mason - self-explanatory
@stttories I'd add Marina for sure.. Because: parking, wait lines for brunch, dudes w/ few too many drinks falling around at the end of the night. I guess that could really be any neighborhood of SF.
Oh man... If a certain area ends up being the most cried place in the city, you should have a pop-up stand handing out Teddy bears, free hugs or something.
@nisachatay genius. Perhaps this is just lead-gen for One Dollar Hugs Inc.
@rrhoover ha! Or maybe people like free hugs, especially if there's a high density of tears in one place..imagine all the hugs