WhatsApp Video Calling

Video calling now available on WhatsApp

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Of all the ways to call someone, (Facetime, Facebook, normal call) - I find Whatsapp at the bottom of that list. When audio calling (especially internationally) using Whatsapp it seems to have such a big delay and the experience is just sub-par compared to other options like Facebook which is pretty seamless. I wonder if this update also brings updates to the audio calls too.... delays on a video call would be a lot worse
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@think_andreah whatsapp is my main texting app too... but always using whatsapp calls across countries has always been bad and big delays
@bentossell most if not all of my relatives abroad insist on calling me via What's App, I really don't know why. Most have iPhones and can just FaceTime me (audio or video) but What's App is their number one. Same with texting, they prefer What's App to iMessages.
@bentossell and the UI is just a ripoff of facetime
@bentossell Same experience like you. I am using WhatsApp for fast text delivery and Messenger for good calling between India and US for more than a year.
Update! You need to hold the call button and then choose either phone call or video call! Not the most intuitive interface. Let's hope the experience is better.
@palimadra maybe they want to form a secret club like Snap(chat)
To activate video calling on Android: 1. Go to https://play.google.com/store/ap... 2. Scroll all the way down and tap "I'm In" to start using the beta version 3. Wait like five minutes then you'll be able to update to the beta version and start making video calls. Both users must have the beta version for the call to work.
Wish they added group calling first. Haven't found a reliable group (voice) calling app yet.
Can't stand WhatsApp it's the worst. Only works on ONE phone at a time. Unlike WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger is multi device likes tablets and has more features.