WhatsApp Chat for Shopify

Convert website visitors into customers with WhatsApp Chat

Increase sales & conversions on your Shopify store by answering your customers doubts, helping them find what they need, and building customer relationships using WhatsApp Live Chat.
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I like apps that makes conversations happen at a time/place where commerce happen.
🎉 My first launch on ProductHunt 🎉 Thank you @emmanuelamber for hunting us :) @sankalpjonna and I created WhatsApp Chat Button as a pilot app to understand the Shopify app store and ecosystem. The app got way more popular than we expected. On June 5th (and for a week thereafter), we got FEATURED on the Shopify App Store 🎉 A quick recap of our 40 days since first launch on Shopify: 💬 Conversations with 100+ Shopify store owners from 10+ nationalities (Google Translate FTW!) 🏆 #1 ranked app for "WhatsApp" keyword 🛍️ 2000+ active Shopify stores ❤️ Highest-rated “WhatsApp Chat” app on Shopify with raving 5-star reviews 💻 2 major iterations launched (v3 introduced a paid plan) 🌟 Featured on the Shopify App Store Shopify stores in countries such as Brazil, India, Mexico, Colombia, Spain, and many more prefer to talk to their customers over WhatsApp as it is the most popular messaging app in their countries. We have discovered that a certain segment of e-commerce in countries mentioned above happen entirely over WhatsApp and messaging. We are very excited to build software that facilitates the livelihood of small businesses and help run their e-commerce stores better. There is a world of possibilities and we only at the starting line! We are going to be around all day to answer your questions! #AMA
@sankalpjonna @hipreetam93 Good job with app. Quick question: What all is possible with Chat analytics? Currently/future.
@sankalpjonna @emmanuelamber Current: See #chat button clicks on your website More importantly, which product page do chats mostly originate from (could be an indication of unclear product information) Future: Revenue tracking - we will inform you what % of users who initiated a chat went on to do a purchase, and the total $ value of purchase This way store owner can be clear on the ROI of chat
@sankalpjonna @hipreetam93 great idea! How does the connection to whatsapp API work? Do you go have a direct link or go via Twilio or someone else?
@sankalpjonna @sidhusmart1 Hey Sid, thanks for the question. We use openly available WhatsApp params like ?send= and ?text= in order to automatically open a conversation with a target phone number, and pre-fill it with a target message. We haven't tried working with WhatsApp API as that is only accessible to huge companies. Not very happy about the walled garden being created, but we would have to tackle it some day or another.