What Really Makes America Great

A book of artwork honoring all aspects of America 🇺🇸

What Really Makes America Great is a collection of artwork honoring all aspects of America from myriad artists in the Creative Action Network. Get it for your coffee table.

So much incredible and timely art in one place. This book is a welcome reminder that what makes America truly great isn’t divisive or hateful, rather it’s rooted in love and the embrace of our duty to help our fellow humans.
Excellent addition to the coffee table, especially as we're heading into another election cycle. It reminds me a bit of @helena's Techies Project from nearly a few years ago, which highlights a diverse group of people within the tech industry.
amazing!!! <3
Dig this! And clever title. I'm excited to buy this for friends and grab one for my coffee table. We need more products that unite, not divide! Well done Crystal :)
It's beautiful. I have a copy, and it's a wonderfully positive reminder of what is truly great about America - despite the negative discourse right now.