Techies Project is a photo project focused on sharing stories of tech employees in Silicon Valley.

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Can I submit photography projects? It's a product — certainly relevant to the Product Hunt audience and beyond, and with as much care as any downloadable or installable app... Nice work @helena! This is kind of like a yearbook of Silicon Valley... but with WAAAAY better photo quality.
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@chrismessina @helena It is way better than a yearbook it is what the future looks like.
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The amount of depth is absolutely incredible!
@lazalberto Yeah. These go deep.
Quality over social justice any day of the week. I count 8 "buttons" that would add any value at all. The rest are nonsense.
@eddraper underrepresented people are not nonsense.
@jtown_ skills > politics
@eddraper I'd say you're missing the point of the project, but looking at your twitter timeline (since you cced me in a tweet), it's apparent you're just one of those alt-right clowns.
@jtown_ @eddraper social justice >> everything else.
@charlesjo still amazes me that there are certain kinds of people that use the term "social justice" as a pejorative.
I am so stoked for this. Helena has been teasing this project for a few months and it immediately peaked my interest. Hearing about others' experiences and struggles is so important, especially since many of us create products. I'm really glad she created this and I hope it grows into much more.
Several friendly, familiar faces: @km, @nayafia, @tristanwalker, @triketora, @waynesutton, @Everette, @EvelynRusli, @Bosefina, @om, @erondu. @helena: awesome project. What inspired it?