WeWee by WeWork

Merging technology and the custodial arts.

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So much this --->
@andythegiant @solfrombrooklyn that season of Curb Your Enthusiasm is some of the best television ever made. Truly incredible. We think George would be a huge fan of WeWee.
@andythegiant @kessler George would be the worst tenant. He would go to every location daily for free food and steal all the Splenda and sugar packets.
Also relevant (and not a joke): Airpnp
@rrhoover technically WeWee isn't a joke! If you sign up you'll be able to book daily workspace and get access to our awesome bathrooms in 9 cities.
@rrhoover love this! We should partner up for NoLa.
Almost forgot this one
What if I only want to use the 2nd floor bathroom at the varick location?
@hueypriest For you, you can have whatever you'd like Erik!
Question @ms, @kessler, @srcasm are there any limitations on #wewee like there are with commons?
@ms @srcasm @solfrombrooklyn technically you need to book workspace by the day to get access to our awesome bathrooms, or sign up for Unlimited and get access whenever you want.