The easiest way to publish your links on Instagram.

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Wen.nz is a service to make links publishing on Instagram easier. It's a great marketing tool.


  • AbdulEngineer

    Better solution for sharing links in Instagram (specially for products or articles)


    Still new

    This service could help so many people in marketing to distribute their products in Instagram.

    Think of an online store that publish products on Instagram, with this, the followers could reach any product page easily with simple code.

    Abdul has used this product for one day.


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Igor Akulov@igoruphere · Founder of Picax
Hey, thanks for hunting this. Is there any working example that I could look at?
AbdulHunter@abdu1m · Engineer
@igoruphere There is, but it's not English though. https://www.instagram.com/wennze...
Igor Akulov@igoruphere · Founder of Picax
@abdu1m That will do, thanks.