See and meet other people on the same flight

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Hey Wesley like the idea. I've come across a couple of startups in the past that tried doing something similar. Is this aimed specifically at a professional audience? Or everyone?
@anthony_stylianou Hi Anthony, thanks for your response! Very good question actually, it is indeed our aim to reach a more professional audience. Think expats and people living abroad. This is also the reason why we offer the possibility of logging in with LinkedIn as well.
@wesley_soeters Makes sense. Regarding the LinkedIn possibility, if i recall their API doesnt enable you to transfer all of your LinkedIn data across and you are limited to key info (i.e. name, job title etc). For this reason do you ask for the data during the sign up process? Or can you update your profile later within the app to show that info?
@anthony_stylianou Regarding the API, there were some limitations indeed, but we definitely wanted to stay clear from making the sign up process too cumbersome, so we enabled users to update their profile later on.
@rrhoover Thanks for your comment! We definitely don't want to be a "Tinder in the sky" or anything, we focus on passengers leveraging each other (e.g. sharing cabs, meeting up to kill time, providing each other tips on the destination). Needless to say, you're not the first one to say something along these lines, so we kept that in mind while designing the app (group chat only, for instance).
Hi all! Looking forward to hearing from as many of you as possible. We want to hear it all: the good, the bad...even the ugly! By the way, our motivation to start working on Weflock was quite simple: airports can be very boring! That was our experience at least, and when we did some research we saw we were not the only ones that felt that way. We decided to tackle boredom at the airport and develop something that doesn't only enable people to kill time, but also spend it more efficiently.
What are your plans for UA and reaching critical mass ?
@jpvalery Thanks for taking the time to post here, Jp! Taking the fact into account that we need density to increase value to our users, you can imagine we've spent a lot of time working this out. I won't bore you with the entire story, but geographical focus and targeting airports are two of the main pillars. Needless to say, we also try to learn as we go along...trial-and-error-style :) If you're looking to discuss in further detail, feel free to reach out: wesley[at]getweflock[dot]com
To be honest with you, this strikes me as another "wouldn't it be cool if…" app where 1) there's not a real problem 2) so it's hard to reach critical mass Concept aside, the execution is pretty slick — I love the logo in particular! Excited for yalls future collaborations 🔑
@bryantpeng Thank you, Bryant! We definitely appreciate your honestly and your kind words as well. The problem that we're trying to solve is that associated with the airports and pre-flight experiences. Research by MTT (Mobile Travel Technologies) pointed out that 67% of all travellers would travel more often if the airport and pre-flight experience would be better. Also, we've been at airports bored out of our minds so many times that we figured this was worth pursuing. Luckily, the expats that we surveyed before actually going ahead, confirmed this gut feeling and documented research.