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and this is #1 in tech .. someone must be joking @PH.
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@uxdzen @ph it was early in the morning
@uxdzen @ph Digging the half a dozen spelling errors in their screenshots and app description.
@huntergray @uxdzen @ph but people arround you dont care about the detials
@huntergray @uxdzen @ph sorry for those errors and mistakes now we launched final version without any errors
Very buggy application - but concept wise - don't understand why people wouldn't just use Tinder?
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@hk_chic Harris we were not created Tinder for airport but our aim is Linkedin At the Airport and I spent lots of time after check in and created this app for travelers who have lots of hours at the airport and meet new people and stay in touch with Flight Mate
Either an ingeniously veiled cover to facilitate terrorist communications, or a devastating missed opportunity to brand it "Layover" or "Mile High Club" and break the internet with prudish outrage.
Next: "Meet me at the restroom" 😭
@stephanehaddad sorry to hear this one but we feel like its need for airports only no plan for any other place
Ok so how come this is whats on top in tech? Really @ProductHunt.!! Too bugged and concept is still questionable given the fact the fact that its always rush hour at the airport, you can barely text your friends. *My view*
@kanetmike sometimes we have 10 to 15 hours in Transit time and you can stay in touch with your fellow passenger