A complete Digital Toolkit.

Webware is an easy to use Digital Toolkit that provides Everything a business needs to be successful online

The tool includes:

Build and manage a website

Integrated Blog

E-commerce store, and online payments

Newsletter ( Email marketing )

Social Media Management

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With all the DIY/AI website and e-commerce platforms on the market, we wondered if they are actually helping people. According to Google, 50% of businesses in America still do not have a website. Maybe it’s because not everyone has the skills and time to design, build and market a website. (and run their business, spend time with their families, cook dinner, get to the gym, walk their dog…) Webware.io’s easy-to-use, online platform lets you create, edit and manage your own website, ecommerce store and blog without any previous web experience. So, what makes the Webware platform truly unique compared to other website builders like Squarespace, Shopify, Weebly and Wix? With Webware, it’s easy to order one-time or ongoing services like banner design, new pages, logos, SEO setup, website changes, photo editing, and more. You can purchase services on demand with a few clicks from the backend or from the command line in Slack. Webware also offers full-service packages at small business-friendly rates. The combination of technology and expert support in the same place means your business website has affordable, easy access to everything it needs, when it needs it. *For Developers we have a Shopify "liquid" -inspired theme templating language that is 90% compatible with Shopify's Liquid-based Themes. This gives you the ability to customize 100% of the customer experience. Resellers Attention: We offer white lable and large commission options. Inquiry at support@webware.io
@therealcoryyork Any interest in adding an Australian payment gateway? We'd love to chat.
@zacdavies sure get in touch at cory AT webware.io
Really nice stuff. Excited to recommend to a few friends
I like the concept and I think many people would be interested in something like this, good luck:)